Web Design

Where do you start?

Throughout the process of seting up a website, you need to keep in mind that you want to be found by major search engines and listed high in search results. Why else would you want a website? Once you are found, your website needs to be attractive to visitors and easy for them to find the information that they are looking for. But you need to be found first, otherwise the website is in vain. We have many years experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and are successful in getting our clients a good position on Google.

Domain name

Choose a domain name appropriate to your business or subject of your website. If your name can contain a key word or so, it helps with Google. If you find a good domain name for your website, then get it registered before anyone else grabs it, even though you are ages away from getting your content together. Domain names are too cheap to procrastinate about. If your website is about motor bike maintenance and the name motorbikemaintenance.com.au is available then quickly ask us to register it.

Text content

Start putting your text together. Plan a home page summarising the purpose of the website and include key search words and phrases in various forms. e.g. motorbike maintenance and motorcycle repairs. Anticipate any possible words that visitors may search for. Plan inside pages with more detailed information. Remember that the more information you provide the higher Google will position your website in search results.

Graphic content

Decide on a logo, or the business name in a particular colour and font. This will help your web designer understand your colour preferences. Images don’t help search engines, but they do enhance your website in the eyes of visitors.


If you have products to list on your website then prepare a spreadsheet with columns for category, item code, product name, description, specials, price, color options, size options and image filename.


Decide on payment options, e.g. PayPal, Bank direct credits, cheque. To start out you will find PayPal is cheaper than bank gateways. Only when you have a high volume of credit card transactions will banks become economic.


List the charges you want to make for postage and packing.

Web design

Before you get us started on your web design, decide how you would like your website updated as time passes. There are many options. Google likes fresh content.

After the launch

One of the factors Google uses is popularity. If you can get other website to link to yours, the Google thinks you are popular and will position your website accordingly. We will start with a link from our highly ranked main website which will get you listed.